This is the old update history...most useless! Sad face


- Fixed broken URLS
- Curriculum page updated.
- Old stuff removed.


- Curriculum page updated.


- Telephone companies comparison almost finished. The long wait is ending!
- Search engine page deleted. Now you can search with a powerful search engine directly from the homepage.
- Curriculum page updated.
- Three counters added.


Sorry for delay in updating the telephone companies comparison... I was very busy in this period!

- Creator newsletter added! Now you can keep updated on Creator site updates.
- Punto Informatico news frame added in the home page.

General graphics optimization: button bar rewritten and entire site reformatted with frames.
- Many pages updated to keep info updated.
- Soundy page has been definitively completed.
- Curriculum page renewed. Now you can download my curriculum in PDF format too.


Telephone companies comparison updated.
- Infostrada profile has been changed to Pronto 1055 instead of Linea 1055; the convenience is almost the same but closer to the Italian family needs. However the changement hasn't affected the company convenience compared to the others.
- Albacom has been removed from comparison because of the high cost of maintenance. In fact, in order to maintain your contract you have to pay at least Lit. 50.000 of bill every month. If you have not called for a bill of Lit. 50.000 you have to pay that much in any case! I don't like this type of contracts... and you?
- Telecom has been updated to the TAT (Tariffa a tempo) system that replaces the TUT. I have to say that Telecom is doing a fake advertisement. As you can see by looking at comparisons, prices of the TAT are identical to the aggravate the situation there is a new zone on saturdays that costs more than TUT days! You know, it's Telecom... :(
- Omnitel has modified Personal 195 as Nuovo Personal 195. Check it out!
At last, into the final comparison page there is a report of all types of contracts I've used to make the comparative tables.


Added ICQ Realtime status in the contact page.

All bugs relative to the new hosting site have been fixed.

Friends page updated. Added Lor, AXL Rose and Marco.

Sorry for delay updating pages, this server has been down for 3 days!


Curriculum page updated.


Links page updated.

Frontpage search engine replaced by a powerful Java search engine.

Site has moved to a new server due to slow connection speed and a lot of problems encountered while updating pages.

Telephone companies comparison updated.
New companies added: DigiTel and Primosat
Comparison between Rechargeable mobile phones added!

Minor reworking on the entire site.


Now you can download the full release of Soundy v3.2 (demoversion). Sorry, I have no more the Amiga so I can't recompile the code to make it freeware. Feel free to download the source code and to crack it for yourself: yes, you understood well. Soundy is no more updated or mantained so I decided to make it freeware. Thanks to all folks who have supported my work in the Amiga days...

Curriculum page updated. Now you can click and surf many companies I've been employed or involved with.

Antanisoft BBS page moved to a new address:

Now you can access my homepage by typing on your browser!


Creator's site is now registered at! To avoid typing the long URL try !

Telephone companies comparison updated. New company added AlbaCom .

Pictures of my workstation added to Who is he? section.


Curriculum page updated.

A lot of bug fixes in the entire site. Sorry for the inconvenience but last updates have been worked in a TOO FAST way... :).

Projects page updated: Video Store and CD/DVD Database added. Hyperlinks to the other projects have been temporary disabled to prevent the 404 Error Not Found...


Added 17 pictures to the Antanisoft Gallery (the last online day!).

Soundy page added. Now you can download the full source code for free!

Site has been splitted on two servers because of a lack of space... :)


The cheaper... page of Telephone companies comparison section got a missing gif. Now it is fixed. :(

MIDI music on the homepage removed for faster loading.

Antanisoft page updated with a lot of old stuff from the BBS: Userlist, Bulletins, Banners, Greetings and Alien DB (VERY COOL!).

Links page updated: Emanuele Angelino link removed.


Telephone companies comparison updated. New company added PlanetWork. I've found a good free software to check telephone companies prices on the fly. Check this page for more details.

Angelo added to the friends page.

The entire site has been checked and optimized for faster loading and better display.

Homepage history page added. Now you can check immediately site changes without having to click every page.


Telephone companies comparison updated. New company added Telecom Italia.