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Creator’s House Rules (CHR)
Changes for new rules and accessories for the boardgame
“Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Boardgame” (© 2002 Eagle Games)
© 2006-2009 Stefano Coletta (Creator).

has been changed
has been changed
has been changed
Bug fix
Reference cards
Addition (new concept)
Look & feel
Unhandled condition


v1.0 FINAL Ita        (12-03-2009) – FINALIZING
Context Description
Purchase & Movement Miscellaneous clarifications here and there about harbors, airports, MP and technologies card price increase (Kamil Drobny).
Barbarians Barbarians chapter revised to make it more easy to understand (Kamil Drobny).
Barbarians If four barbarian units survive after attacking a player’s settlement, there will be no occupation period (Kamil Drobny).
Governments Fixed a typo in the description of Fascism (Kamil Drobny).
Civilizations Fixed spies discount for industrious (Kamil Drobny).
Units For clarity’s sake in the rules: the total number of units located into a region are not taken into consideration when you purchase units at the settlement in that space, that is you can have simultaneously more units there than the settlement size. (Kage)
Governments The constrain of owning certain improvements to change into a government type has been suppressed. This change simplifies the game a bit without significant drawbacks. Cards and reference sheets have been updated accordingly. (Fabrizio Catalucci)
Era change Text describes that you cannot purchase/keep units/improvements older than two eras: in fact text was referring only to the previous era. (Kamil Drobny)
Cultural influence About the bonus influence action earned when you succeed to influence a capital: if you try to influence the new capital and you succeed, you’ll not earn a further bonus to influence a third settlement in the same turn. (Kamil Drobny)
Purchase Specified that upgrading a unit do not count for the settlement unit production limit (settlement size). (Kamil Drobny)
Strategy cards Description on how to draw cards each turn was incorrect. (Kamil Drobny)
Civilizations Discounts for Scientific civilization were described in a different way compared to the other civilization types.
Nuclear weapons Nuclear weapons are not considered like regular units (Kamil Drobny).
Nuclear weapons Text regarding nuclear weapons has been revised and re-organized.
Nuclear weapons The free bomb received with the Manhattan project can be placed at any of your settlements (before was limited to rare metals settlements).
Settlements The paragraph Settlements in chapter “Phase 4 – Purchase” has been reorganized: the description of the foundation of a settlement has been moved here from chapter “Phase 6 (1/2) – Movement” because the settlement foundation has to be carried in the purchase phase; in addition to this it has been specified that the region containing the new settlement must be free of any other players’ units.
Settlements Rules describing the settlement foundation was containing an error regarding the expansionists benefits: it was stated that they can fund and upgrade a settlement at the same time: this is impossible for any player/civilization type (Kamil Drobny).
General English translation has been lightly revised to fix typos, etc.
Civilization cards On some cards, Road, Railroads and Movement Points were incorrectly reported as S, F and PM instead of Ro, Ra and MP. This issue was present only in the English version.
Civilization cards The extra gold income for roads and railroads was missing from the Expansionist card.
Civilization cards Expansionist card was ambiguous regarding the 10 gold discount to  fund a village (Kamil Drobny).
Civilization cards Single icon back for these cards has been removed to avoid confusion while printing (Kage).
Setup/Civilizations Fixed an inconsistency in the rules for picking up the starting civilization (Kage).
Printing guide There has been specified that the materials are designed for ISO A4 paper size and there have been added some clarifications (Kage).
Events References to the effects of events during the ancient era have been removed because they can never happen (Kage).
Roads/Railroads The small railroads image was published in low resolution causing an incorrect print size. Now it is fixed and immediately released as a patch to CHR v1.0RC3 (Curtis Kopciuch)



v1.0RC3 Ita        (11-01-2008) – DEBUGGING
Context Description
Movement The rule for battle declaration has been simplified.
General CHR rules, cards and sheets are no more natively compatible with a two players game. The minimum number of players is three. Refer to the addendum CHR for two players written by Michel Keijzers.
Prospection Regions with a Fertile marker only can be prospected.
Movement ½ Minor issues on fleets and planes have been fixed.
War rewards Prizes have been homogenized better. Spies added.
Governments Revolution: when restoring your government you can choose only among less cultured ones.
Governments Revolution: in case there is no other available government, you can restore the previous one.
Movement Fleets must spend 1 MP to move from land to sea (any sea space adjacent to the region) when they are launched to sea the first time. They can NEVER go back onto land during the game.
Game turn sequence Secret bid then random: if no one bids, determine also the first player in a random fashion.
Strategy cards When you receive a resource marker, if you have no settlers at empty regions or no settlements without a resource, you cannot get it.
Events Regions hit by a catastrophic event cannot be culturally influenced in the current turn.
Setup Removed the strategy card “Build the first wonder of the era” if playing with six players.
Strategy cards The objective card “Fund the first settlement” has been described in greater detail.
Setup If you play a short-medium game do not use civilization types.
Espionage The entire chapter has been revised.
Espionage Spy movement has been described in greater detail.
Espionage Optimized reference sheet.
Revolts A new modifier has been added for revolts. The global probability of a revolt is increased by adding the number of civilizations you are at war with (Fabrizio Catalucci).
Governments With democracy you earn more gold than before: +2 gold for each settlement size instead of +1.
Civilizations Expansionist: during production phase, roads worth 1 gold and railroads worth 2 gold in regions with own units.
Governments Now you can try to corrupt the senate by paying off 20 gold (even multiple times) to obtain +1 to the die roll. A maximum of 60 gold can be paid off.
Movement  & Battle Paragraph added “Determining attacker and defender” to clarify who is the attacker and the defender in any type of battle (Adam Williams).
Movement  & Battle There exists an ambiguous condition when two players share the same space with their armies and go at war in another space. A new rule has been added to explain how to behave in this situation.
Region labels Cards now have a colored background pattern.
Region labels Lines for cutting have been reduced to improve the final result. Also fixed some alignment problems between cards and text.
ME table The tabled reported two incorrect values for certain ME cases.
Nuclear weapons Settlement hit by a nuclear attack lose their defensive bonus for the current turn.
Nuclear weapons Improvements destroyed with a nuclear attack are no more randomly determined, instead, you must destroy all happiness
Nuclear weapons The detonation of a nuclear weapon now destroys even roads and railroads.
Nuclear weapons To launch a nuclear attack from a settlement now you should wait for the Rocketry discovery.
Movement Movement & battle card redesigned to give better support to nuclear weapons operations.
Nuclear weapons Nuclear weapons count as cargo when transported by battleships.
Nuclear weapons Settlements launch range increased from 3 to 5 spaces.
Nuclear weapons Tanks can no longer launch nuclear weapons 3 spaces away: now they can target only adjacent spaces.

Players receive no more 5 free MP for modern era to leverage paying fuel.


Rulebook has been split in two parts: Rules and Addendum. The Rules part will discuss only about rules and examples, while the addendum will contain only hints, strategies, etc.


Added priority rules to determine barbarians movements.


Three new examples have been added to the barbarians chapter to ease the understanding of new rules.

All reference cards

Better look for every reference card.


Barbarians reference card added.


Hostile fleets are now aware of adjacent sea spaces and can join to other hostile fleets or attack nearby player fleets


Coastal regions with barbarians settlement can now spawn hostile fleets


Barbarians can now take advantage of abandoned roads and railroads


If there is more than one hostile attacker on the map, you are required to determine a random order of play of all barbarians


Hostile attackers will move or not depending on a random factor. In this way there can be a possibility for barbarians to pile in greater armies to have some more chances against human players


Barbarians can now occupy a player settlement (includes pillaging). If they are enough units, as time passes, they can overwhelm the occupied settlement. Once it is caught they will attack with more units nearest settlements too


Players fighting against barbarians will battle against them by means of the first player in turn that will impersonate barbarians for dice rolling and unit selection purposes

First player bidding

An option to make bidding more challenging has been introduced. Secret vs public bid (Michel Keijzers)


Added a new event score column for the Modern era that differs from the one of the Industrial era


An additional non playing person is needed no more to setup the board: rule for placing exploration markers has been revised


24 pieces have been added to distinguish catapults from trebuchets. If you can’t use a different piece to represent the trebuchet, turn the catapult piece on its side to state that it is a catapult, trebuchet will be identified by a stand catapult piece


Catapults are no more automatically upgraded to trebuchets. You have to purchase trebuchets or upgrade catapults as any other unit

Strategy cards

Permanent gold rewards of strategy cards do not expire when era changes. Stop taking the gold reward only if the conditions of the card are satisfied no more

Strategy cards

Espionage cards for special spies can be associated to spies only when their pieces are positioned at your capital

Strategy cards

Every card now has a symbol to immediately identify its type and remove some possible ambiguities

Strategy cards

Two new cards have been added to give a +1 bonus if you attack with particular unit types

Strategy cards

The sentence “Draw another card” on some cards has been replaced with a symbol

Strategy cards

The reward for the objective card “Destroy a village” has been lowered from 50 to 30 gold

Strategy cards

The two “clear jungle” cards have been eliminated. Their effect is always available with terraforming


The war weariness rule states that the winner must eventually choose which improvement to eliminate if the loser has not enough gold to afford the loss. This rule has one flaw if the player loses against two players in the same turn because they will be in competition choosing which improvements to eliminate. The revised version of the rule gives the choice to the loser


When you pillage and destroy a settlement you get 10 gold multiplied its size from the bank; when you convert an enemy unit you can destroy it and get immediately half of his value from the bank (Guido Heinecke)


If you terraform a region with a settlement it will be destroyed: leaving it there is quite unlikely!

Resource trading

The physical exchange of two resources now is easier: it will use only two flag bearers instead of four, fills less space on the table and it is easier

Errata Corrige

Added a new chapter “Errata corrige” to include in the rules the official Eagle Games errata for the cards contained in the original game box


The mini-monopoly rule has been removed because it adds small advantages compared to the complexity it introduces


During production phase giving back traded resources it is no more necessary.
If two players have traded resources and then they go to war between themselves, resources are immediately returned to the original owners and the trading is canceled.
If the enabling conditions are unsatisfied at any time during the game, resources are immediately returned to the original owners and the trading is canceled.
A player receiving an oil resource can immediately use it to increment his free movement limit during the Modern era (conversely who gives away his resource decreases his free movement limit)

If a settlement with a traded resource is destroyed or captured, immediately cancel the trade.
Movement and oil

Counting units for movement during Modern era has been simplified: count how many MP you use for any unit instead of modern units only and about how many of them you move


New variant for expert players to increase the strategy factor when planning attacks or defenses: resolve battles after ALL players have finished moving

Movement and oil

Modern units movement dependency by oil has been modified to create more competition between players for oil resources. Players with oil resources will earn gold from other players' movements in relationship to how many oil resources they own.

Pieces limit

The pieces limit rule has been revised to include a variant to allow unlimited pieces to players who do not like to be restricted in any way

Strategy cards

Strategy cards have been unified between Standard cards and CHR cards: strategy cards rules have been then lightly simplified


Spies can NEVER act during the Housekeeping phase

Action order
The different action orders have been explained highlighting the differences between them and some minor inconsistencies have been fixed
The original description of all game pieces has been integrated and adapted into CHR
The text of every document forming CHR has been rewritten using the personal form in place of the impersonal form to ease the English translation
The terminology for pieces and markers has been revised for clarity
The plague effect has been reduced in relationship with the distance from the focus (where the plague has been found)
All texts that were comparing CHR the original Eagle Games manual have been eliminated
The original rules by Glenn Drover have been totally merged with CHR so you don't have to look at two manuals when playing. The CHR rules structure has been completely changed for this purpose.

Previous changes are only available in italian


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