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This page contains specific changes/fixes in the different releases of Soundy. The most recent version is last in the list. The following is a list of abbreviations so you know what's what.

SA = Suggestion added
MIN = Minor bug fixed
MAJ = Major bug fixed
NF = New feature
CH = Minor change
BF = Bug found but not fixed
UP = Upgrade of an old function

Soundy v1.0 released on 8/6/1992 - First version

First release!

Soundy v1.0a released on 13/6/1992 - Bug fix version (not released)

(MIN) Optimized code and faster response from mouse and keyboard

Soundy v1.1 released on 16/6/1992 - Update version

(NF) Regulation of volume for each channel added!

(NF) Finally multi-file-select feature works fine and the reqtools.library was replaced with the mighty req.library of course with less bugs!

(BF) Bug found in loading procedure. Soundy will cause a system crash if a read/write error occurs. This bug will occur if the sample has the flag read protect too

(CH) Now to exit from Soundy you can use ESC key too

Soundy v1.2 released on 22/6/1992 - Update & bug fix version

(NF) Wow! Now Soundy plays Octa-Med modules!

(UP) Little changes to the system event routine to speed up key responses

(MIN) Bug fixed when pressing an F-key on an empty channel, now the silent not the memory trash!

Soundy v1.9x released on 6/10/1992 - Bug fix version (not released)

(MAJ) Fixed a lot of bugs, optimized and speeded up code

Soundy v2.0 released on 17/12/1992 - Update & bug fix release

(MIN) Little bug fixed when loading Octa-Med module

(MIN) Removed some functions that conflicts with short compilation mode without removing power to Soundy

(UP) Faster response when loading samples

(MAJ) Guru meditation bug fixed when a "FILE NOT FOUND" requester occurs

(MAJ) Entirely rewritten the file select routine: faster, more little and with no bugs

(CH) Replaced old req.library with the new powerful reqtools.library v2.1

(NF) Interface design now it's WB2.04 style, 3d of course!

(NF) Finally samples lists implemented in this version!

(CH) Added a little utility to alter the WB colors, very funny!

(CH) Added an ABOUT gadget for our spreading informations

(CH) Routine to deallocate buffers now added; very useful try it!

(MIN) Bug fixed in OpenAudioChannels() routine which cause a guru if channels were not ready

(UP) Optimized code on ChangeBuffersVolume() routine, about 80% more faster

(UP) System event routine updated and re-optimized to keep up the original speed with new commands too

(CH) Size of samples is displayed too

(CH) When you press an F-Key you'll see the corresponding gadget pop up!

(CH) When an unrecoverable error occurs Soundy will display a recoverable alert; in previous versions Soundy will simply exit without any errors warning

Soundy v2.1 released on 3/6/1993 - Bug fix release

(NF) From this version Soundy will work only under kickstart 2.04

(CH) Reduced code using kick 2.04 functions

(CH) Now Soundy is CLI indipendant! You can launch it without the RUN command

(CH) Soundy is equipped with the new powerful version of reqtools.library V38.1022

(CH) Added the new string.library. This tool will provide to reduce formatting string operations to Soundy

(CH) Removed math routines from code

(NF) Added to the archive an utility from reqtools.library to set the preferences of the Soundy's file requester

(MIN) Size of samples bug fixed

Soundy v3.0 released on 28/03/1994 - Update & bug fix version (Comm.)

(CH) Now Soundy works under kick 3.0 too!

(UP) Entirely rewritten the Intuition part! Now Soundy has a new interface!

(UP) Entirely rewritten the Event Routines part! Now Soundy has an incredibly speed with all functions!

(CH) Diskfont.library is no more necessary to run Soundy

(UP) Optimized code size and speed for entire program

(NF) Now Soundy supports PowerPacker algorithm!

(MAJ) Bug fixed when loading samples, which causes a guru if the loading routine will encounter read/write error. This bug were not fixed from v1.1 of Soundy

(MIN) Size of samples bug were not completely fixed, now it is!

(UP) Replaced old stdio sprintf with a new SPrintf written in assembly language

(CH) Added to the archive the new reqtools.library revision 38.385

(NF) Support of Xpk libraries added. Now Soundy handles a large wide of compression algorithms

(NF) Status report added

(NF) Added regulation of sample beats for each sample

(NF) Great feature added to Soundy! Auto-synchronizement of samples rate from a specific sample to all the others

(NF) Audio switcher on/off in real time for each sample

(UP) Soundy is more safe on intuition gadgets; now unused gadgets are unselectable to prevent errors

(NF) Now Soundy plays Pro-Tracker modules instead of OctaMed ones!

(UP) Drawing routines a little faster

(NF) Now Soundy uses a new generation of PlayRoutines! With these new ones Soundy will be able to play samples directly from FAST memory and will be able to play in loop mode samples greater than 131Kbytes. Now the length of the sample you can load from Soundy can be great as great is your FAST or CHIP memory

(UP) Volume refresh routine entirely rewritten; now is about 180% more fast!

(MIN) Soundy will always get back the audio channels after playing any module

(MAJ) Loss of memory caused by multiply key stroking is fixed now. Soundy will handle all intuimessages. This bug was not fixed from v1.0 of Soundy

(CH) Now Soundy will not process F-Key calls if all channels are playing

(MIN) Now Soundy will take care to switch off all sound resources before playing a module

(NF) Auto-Volume-Fading feature added

(NF) Now Soundy supports multiple audio playmodes: MONO, STEREO and FLANGE
For FLANGE MODE is available a requester to change the FLANGE parameter

(NF) You can look at your selected picture via a graphic bar on the sample name

(NF) Capability to open/close workbench screen

(MAJ) Fixed a lot of bugs in bender mode

(MIN) Code to switch audio filter debugged & rewritten

(NF) Backwarding of samples feature added

(CH) Changed the pitch value on screen to the real value

(NF) Added a graphical bar relative to the pitch value

(NF) Soundy is more friendly on performance operations

(UP) Graphics relative to the channels status rewritten

(NF) Capability to set the number of loop times for each sample

(UP) Command set for samples' list highly increased with these new commands: SLISTRANGE, REVERSE, PITCHON, DEFLOAD, FLANGERANGE, DEFLOAD, MASTERVOLUME, DEFPLAY, COMMENT and a lot of keywords relative to these commands too

(NF) Twenty samples in memory instead of ten!

(NF) Master volume added

(NF) Capability to set a samples' list range relative to the maximum samples to load; this, looping on the buffers

(NF) All requesters are automagically placed on the pointer position

(BF) Sometimes, when Soundy can't be launched due to a missing of a resource, a system crash will occur

(BF) On fast machines as A4000/A1200 or any Amiga model with an accelerator card you can notice a little sound trash when playing samples at high pitch rate

Soundy v3.1 released on 25/04/1994 - Update & bug fix version (Comm.)

(BF) Bug found in reqtools.library! Size of files is not displayed correctly under 2.04 kickstart

(NF) Added a function to delete all samples in one shot

(NF) Added a samples' list parameter to delete samples from memory: REMOVE <sample-number>

(CH) Changed the default flange range to 1 instead of 3

(NF) Now you can select samples by clicking on their name

(UP) Updated the sqsh.library from v1.0 to v1.10

(CH) Screen refresh now supported

(CH) Now to select samples to synchronize you must click on their name instead of his corresponding gadget. You'll notice that samples can be toggled too

(CH) When stopping module, previous samples that were playing will immediately go back to their status

(MAJ) Soundy will no more conflict with itself. Now, if you launch Soundy twice, a nice requester will inform you of your wrong action

(CH) Samples' List function moved to a gadget instead of a menu item

(MIN) When encountering a playing sample the status bar was not refreshed properly. Fixed!

(CH) Part of the synch routine rewritten to be faster with intuition gadgets. Now you can use all functions when synchronizing too

(NF) Auto-Repeat-Function added for special audio effects

(MIN) Raw samples default speed parameter fixed

(CH) Now IFF8 and RAW8 samples are loaded in a different manner

(NF) 16 bit raw samples support added

(NF) VOC samples support added

(CH) Added a cycle gadget to specify what kind of sample is to be loaded

(MAJ) Sometimes, on exit, audio was left opened. Fixed!

(MAJ) Fixed a great bug relative to the start of the IFF sample. This was not fixed from version v1.0

(NF) Auto-Filetype-Recognition to speed up loading procedure. NOTE: Raw samples cannot be auto-recognized so you must specify the file type to RAW8 or RAW16

(MIN) Fixed a minor bug relative to the start of reversed samples

(NF) Added two xpk libraries: FAST, HFMN


(NF) Numeric keypad used to have 9 different pitches of a single sample!

(NF) Added a function change settings to default values

(MIN) Little bug fix to the pitch bender routine

Soundy v3.2 released on 23/04/1995 - Update & bug fix version (Comm.)

(MAJ) amigaguide.library for 2.04 system was corrupted. Now it's replaced by amigaguide.library v34.11; note that on this library version you can't see ITALIC, BOLD and UNDERLINE.

(NF) On registered version Soundy will check for the name of purchaser. If it isn't correct Soundy will not run!

(CH) Keys response speeded up about 15%

(CH) Removed obsolete code from pitch bender routine

(CH) Checking of Soundy's name added. If you change Soundy's name you'll get an error message.

(MAJ) When releasing the key of the sample under bender you'll get a sure crash. Now it's fixed.

(MIN) Usually when loading samples you can click on all gadgets of the window. This is a bug because if you click gadgets while loading intuition will not inform Soundy you've pressed them. Now it's fixed.

(MIN) Bug fixed in the Soundy guide. A section were not displayed correctly.

(CH) Little change to the screen panel title "Load Mode" to the "Default" one. Now it's a more intuitioning name!

(CH) Little conceptual changes to the documentation, excluding new chapters & new functions.

(MAJ) Great bug relative to the stack of the auto-fade function is now fixed.

(MAJ) Bad installation of the SAS C v6.5 caused bad code. Now it's properly installed and patched with SAS C v6.51

(CH) Screen is no more draggable to prevent errors while using mouse

(NF) Now Soundy is released in four different versions to be more fast with each specific processor

(MIN) Key '/' was the same function of key '/' due to a missing RTS!

(MAJ) On samples with long names, screen was corrupted. Fixed!

(CH) Fine regulation of flange range implemented. Now flange ranges from 0 to 10000. With this high value you can make a simple echo in addition to a flange play.

(CH) Changed the default flange range to 0 instead of 1

(UP) Gadgets checking has been lightspeeded up! (20 times faster)

(UP) Keyboard checking has been lightspeeded up! (20 times faster)

(UP) Synchronizer routine will success to synchronize samples about 10% times more than previous version

(MIN) Sometimes string.library trashes formatted strings. Now it's fixed

(MIN) Fixed a little bug during opening and closing workbench screen

(CH) Raised program priority to 22 instead of 0

(MIN) Obsolete adaptive font routines removed

(CH) Font is fixed. To prevent graphics errors Soundy will use topaz font, size 8 resident in ROM.

(UP) SHRI.library upgraded from v0.4 to v1.0.

(NF) CRM2.library v4.1 added (Xpk).

(UP) Added to the archive the new reqtools.library revision 38.1266 with localized file for italy too.

(UP) Upgraded the Prefs tool of reqtools.library to v2.2b

(CH) Checking of libraries version during installation script added

(NF) MASH.library v1.16 added (Xpk).

(NF) RAKE.library v1.3 added (Xpk) for 680x0 and 68020.

(MIN) My girlfriend corrected the english documentation to appear as something less raw

(CH) Small changes to the load-samples routine

(MIN) Small graphical bug relative to the "delete all samples from memory" function fixed!

(CH) Status filter's text removed because this useless function occupied space on the screen

(MIN) Try to let some samples playing... exit and you'll encounter a SYSTEM CRASH. Finally FIXED!

(MIN) Useless ScreenToBack call removed.

(CH) Little optimization to entire code.

(MIN) When selecting string or number gadgets you have the same keyboard settings you had on system preferences. In previous version using these gadgets was unconfortable if you changed keyboard setup from the Touch Panel.

(MIN) Loss of memory for wrong closing operation of Fader Task fixed! Eaten memory was about 80 bytes.

(NF) Little implementation of WAV samples added. Not expect great performances because of the little documentation I found.

(MIN) Italian documentation was wrong in some parts of the history. Now it's ok.

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